The B&D Roll-A-Shutter® collection is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial requirements, and features a selection of shutters for virtually any application – from the largest building complexes, to small single factories and warehouses.

Decades of expertise and experience, together with access to high-level technical resources, allows B&D to design and provide the right product for virtually any need. A continuous programme of research, development and testing has resulted in continual product improvements and ensures suitability and durability.

All Shutters in the Roll-A-Shutter® range provide an array of features that ensure Superior performance, quality and durability.

4/100 (0.4 x 100MM)

  • Available for a range of openings from 5500mm high to 5500mm wide
  • Specially designed for commercial and industrial openings
  • Slats are 100mm with 3 small ribs, compatible with modern architectural styling
  • Glass reinforced polypropylene drums inside of spiral duct tubing
  • Meets the demands of the high volume multi door warehouse and factory unit markets
  • Easier, faster manual operation – utilising the Series 2 Planetary Gear chain drive

6/100 (0.6 x 100MM)
Suited for all-round light industrial applications.

  • Easily operated manually
  • Chain-geared or electrically powered
  • Suitable for openings requiring strong closure
  • The most widely used shutter across majority of applications

8/100 (0.8 x 100MM)
Ideal for most general-purpose applications such as medium-size factory doorways etc.

  • Operated by a choice of either manual, chain-geared or power-driven methods, ensuring minimal operational effort

8/50 (0.8 x 50mm)

Suitable for kiosks, shops, trucks and vans etc.

  • Can be adapted for between-wall situations or doorways with clearance limitations
  • Specially designed for commercial, small and light industrial applications from 900mm x 900mm to 5000mm x 5000mm
  • The 8/50 is easily operated manually (no chain wheel)

10/100 (1.0 x 100MM)
Designed for all sizes and types of industrial and commercial applications. Suitable for factories, warehouses, service stations etc.

  • Custom built with chain or heavy-duty electric operation, ensuring minimal operational effort
  • Ideal for heavy-duty wind loading and large opening situations.

Features & Benefits

All shutters are fitted with bottom rail weatherseals, which feature fins, to help prevent dust and leaves entering under the shutter.

Bottom Rails

All shutters are equipped with aluminium bottom rails as standard.

Nylon End Clips

All shutters are fitted with specially-moulded nylon end-clips to ensure smooth, quiet, low-friction operation. Windlocked types are available as an option (refer to Options section).

Standard locking is provided by a guide-mounted lockable chain clip for all electric and chain operated shutters. For non chain-operated shutters, bottom rail Padbolt-type locking is supplied. Refer to each individual product brochure for further detail.


Heavy duty steel drum and bracket assemblies for long, reliable product life.


Chain-operated shutters are fitted with a spur gear attached to one end of the drum and meshing, with a number of gears providing desired gear ratio. Motor drive shutters are fitted with a sprocket to one end of the drum and driven by a transmission chain.


Helical torsion-type springs made from spring steel wire conforming to AS1472. Designed to suit to opening dimensions, without exceeding the safe working stress limits.

Electric Operation

All shutters within the range can be electrically operated. Speak to your B&D representative for further information.
A wide range of openers are available for all applications, from the most basic operation to fully automated. All openers include emergency, manual chain-operation in case of power failure.


Some products available in the Roll-A-Shutter Standard product range are available as standard, with red oxide painted drum and bracket finish, in addition to galvanised or pre-coloured curtain. Refer to your B&D Representative or download the Roll-A-Shutter standard brochure by clicking here for further information.

Ask us about our Options

B&D have a range of options which complement the Roll-A-Shutter® Standard collection.
With a large selection of options including wind lock systems, mullions, slotted and perforated slats, and many others.

B&D can deliver a door that best suits the requirements of your business. For more information on options please talk your B&D representative, or refer to our Roll-A-Shutter® Options brochure by clicking here

Roll-A-Shutter product brochures

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