Take the guess work out of parking a vehicle safely in your garage. The latest range-finding technology featuring an ultrasonic sensor, is now accessible to all.

Take the guess work out of parking a vehicle safely in the garage – no more hanging tennis balls from the ceiling or strategically placed pieces of wood. With a choice of three different stop zones – 30, 60 and 90cm, making it an easy, practical approach to parking your car safely. Available through B&D dealers, Mitre 10 and Bunnings outlets nationally.

Features and Benefits

  • The Park-A-Lert’s compact wall-mounted sensor tracks the distance of an approaching vehicle and triggers a light that changes colour to help guide the driver successfully into the garage.
  • A bright yellow light flashes slowly when the vehicle has been detected, the flashing progressively becomes faster as the car moves closer, a static red light indicates that the vehicle has reached the desired stopping position (pre-set by the user)
  • Users are given the choice of three stop zones – (1, 2 or 3ft) making for an easy, practical and safe way to park
  • Fixed neatly to the wall by screws or velcro, this attractive unit takes just four (4) AA batteries that will last up to one (1) year. A flashing red light indicates that the batteries are low and should be replaced


  • Power supply: 4 size AA cell batteries
  • Minimum range: 150mm
  • Maximum range: 150cm
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